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How to Fund A Miracle


With a pledge to the Miracles Everywhere Campaign, you will help:


A young person find Christ…
$3,197,000 for NextGen Ministries to grow the faith of:

  • 2,000 more young people by strengthening youth ministries in 250

  • 1,000 college students in 10 new college campus ministries

  • 5,000 middle and high schoolers at IGNITE

  • 1,000 students in camping ministry















Communities find hope…

$1,000,000 for A Future With Hope to develop 100 Hope Centers to serve our communities with:

  • affordable housing

  • job training and development

  • children, youth and social services















People facing disaster rebuild…
$500,000 for hurricane disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Cuba by:

  • working through UMCOR

  • sending mission teams

  • equipping those on the ground with resources















A pastor in Tanzania start a new congregation to make disciples to transform the world…
$500,000 to grow our partnership with North Katanga Conference to:

  • start new congregations

  • support clergy salaries

  • conduct an annual pastor school

  • collaborate with the General Board of Global Ministries to build a Hope Center with a health clinic, a school and a mission hosting facility.