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“He has come to the aid of his servant Israel, remembering his mercy, just as he promised…” Luke 1:54

When Mary was pregnant with Jesus, she goes to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is also pregnant, carrying the baby who would later prepare the way for Jesus. Elizabeth has great love for Mary and is so blessed to see her that she blurts out a blessing upon Mary. They have this beautiful moment together as they are drawn to each other by their family connection, their shared experience of pregnancy, and their trust in God. As they look upon each other, they see the fulfillment of God’s promises – promises made because of God’s love for the world!

Christmas is a season of love. It’s a time we gather with family and friends. We smile and greet the people we run into all over town. For some of us, there’s a magic and peace to the season. However, sometimes it feels like Christmas has lost its magic. We can easily be disappointed at Christmas if we go looking for love in the wrong places. When we expect love to be found in presents, fancy gadgets, diamond rings, the perfect parties, or in doing things “our way”, we are setting unhealthy expectations and missing the point. At Christmas, we celebrate the love of God found in the perfect promises of God. There is nothing we want or need this year that is more important than God’s love.

As we seek to celebrate a different kind of Christmas, stay focused on God’s love. No matter how magical or disappointing this season may be, God is always there for us. And as we experience God’s love anew in our lives, may we magnify the love of Christ through our words and actions this season. If we can refocus ourselves on the true meaning of Christmas, we will find hope, peace, joy, and love this season!

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