• Pastor Wil

A New Title

In the first Rocky film, our title character goes the distance against the Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World, lasting all 15 rounds. Rocky doesn’t win the fight, but he makes the most of his opportunity. In Rocky II, he gets a rematch against Apollo Creed and, this time, he wins! The film ends with Rocky proudly holding up the championship belt and shouting, “Yo, Adrian, I did it!” Rocky had claimed the title, “Champion.”

Through our faith, we also claim a new title. In Isaiah 62:2 the prophet writes, “The nations shall see your vindication, and all the kings of glory; and you shall be called by a new name.” Isaiah is talking to Israel and revealing God’s promise to give the shattered nation a new, redeemed status. And this promise is extended to us all. Even when we find ourselves far from any title or status that would bring honor to God, God offers us the grace and strength to become something new.

Just as the land of Zion was to be redeemed, God is at work to make all things new! Like Rocky, we may find ourselves feeling like a “loser” or “bum”. But if we seek after God and put in the hard work of faith, we can claim a new title, “Redeemed”. So, let us seek to live into this new identity. May we continue to lean upon the Lord, be disciplined in our faith practice, and shine the light of Christ that dwells within us.

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