• Pastor Wil

A Spirit of Creativity

For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life. Ephesians 2:10

Growing up, I spent a good amount of my summers at camp. I would go off to church camp, Boy Scout camp, and other camp/retreat experiences throughout the summer. At camp, I had more freedom and responsibility than at home. I participated in activities that were out of the ordinary for me, like canoeing, archery, and hayrides. I also had responsibilities to clean up my personal space and the cabin, attend to personal hygiene (as horrible as that was), and set-up/clean-up the mess hall for meals. Through these experiences, I learned more about myself and with strangers who quickly turned into friends.

When we get out into nature, disconnected from our devices and phones, we get a greater glimpse of God’s beautiful creation. An undistracted focus draws our attention to the wonder that surrounds us. God has created a wonderful world and God has created us to be a part of this world! This year’s camp theme is “Created to Create.” We serve a creative God who has given us a spirit of creativity and adventure. God wants us to explore and fall in love with creation. In turn, God wants us to honor the sacredness of all life.

As our scripture says, we were created for good works. God wants us to be creative as we work for grace, love, and kindness. There is so much destruction in our world. But God has made us all with a purpose: to create and renew as God’s Spirit works within us. Like camp, we must take risks, disconnect from our distractions, and reconnect with our Creator. May we be open to the Spirit of Creativity in our lives.

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