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An Update from Pastor Wil

Dear Church Family,

I pray you are all doing okay in this time of social distancing and isolation. I was overjoyed to see so many of you join us for online worship this past Sunday. Using Zoom, I was able to see so many of your faces and hear your voices (and background noises!). I’m continuing to assess how we can improve this new form of worship while we navigate the unknown together.

First, I write to let you know that we have no projected date for when we can reopen the church for in-person activities and worship. As it looks today, I do not see us gathering in person before or even on Easter Sunday. Thankfully, Easter is a 50-day season so I am optimistic we will be gathered in person before Easter’s end to celebrate this momentous season appropriately! While our Holy Week traditions may be different this year, we must adhere to the guidelines of our elected officials and do all that we can to help our heroes in healthcare.

Second, this means that we will continue to worship online. We had great attendance for our first “experiment” with online worship using Zoom. If you were unable to join us, go to for a recording of last Sunday’s service as well as information on how to join us live this Sunday. I will continue to record the service and post it on our website. We will continue to expand the service, including the addition of music! Stay tuned!

Third, I understand that this time of isolation can be very difficult and stressful. We are social beings and we long for human contact. For those who are even more vulnerable to the virus, this can be a terrifying time. For those working at home while juggling homeschooling, I’m sure you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and stretched. And for those who must continue to go to work as first responders, healthcare professionals, grocery store employees and others, you are all in our prayers! We thank you for your dedicated service and pray you have the strength and good health needed to be our heroes in this time.

Also, to help combat this isolation and loneliness, we have an awesome team of volunteers who are checking up on you during this season. If a need should arise or you just need someone to talk to, please let us know. We have members ready and willing to help! You can contact me by calling or texting 856-304-3348. You can also send me an email at

Finally, I continue to discern how we can best utilize technology to connect us in a season of social distancing. If you are a committee leader or small group leader and wish to host an online gathering, please contact me and I can help you set up a virtual meeting. Also, if you have ideas for how we can stay connected in this time, please let me know of your suggestions! For continued updates, stay tuned to your email, the church website, and our social media pages. And join us for Sunday online worship for the very latest!

Be well and God bless you,

Pastor Wil

Last Sunday's Online Worship

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