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Can't Stop This

Some of the Pharisees from the crowd said to Jesus, ‘Teacher, scold your disciples! Tell them to stop!’ He answered, ‘I tell you, if they were silent, the stones would shout.’” Luke 19:39-40

On the original ‘Palm Sunday’, tensions were high in the city of Jerusalem. As the city was crowded with worshippers gathering for the Passover, everyone was on high alert. The threat of revolt or conflict was high. Would anyone dare to “stir up trouble”? Enter Jesus Christ, riding upon a donkey. The crowds wave palm branches and shout words of praise to Jesus. The religious leaders begin to panic at this spectacle. They know that the Romans would be harsh in crushing any sign of a revolt. So, they yell at Jesus and plead with him to silence the crowds.

Jesus does not silence the crowds. Jesus knows that nothing can stop His plan. Even if the crowds were to be quiet, the stones would shout pleas for salvation (hosanna means “save us”). Like the Pharisees, we can misunderstand God’s plans and God’s ways. We can try and stop them with our own logic or concerns. Yet, God’s plans always have a way of seeing themselves through. Often, we look back and recognize how wonderful God’s plan was for us, even if we resisted at the beginning.

The Pharisees had their fears and agendas. Their livelihood was at stake. Sometimes we can value our “comfort zone” or current livelihood over God’s plans. In such times, we need to humble ourselves and place our trust in God’s plans. It’s not easy! We will drag our feet and make excuses. Thankfully, God is patient with us and can see God’s plans through in our lives and in this world. So, when we’re tempted to silence God’s plans, may we take a step back and place our trust in God. God will not let us down.

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