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Church Can Happen Anywhere

In my student appointment, the church had an opportunity to help build a playground for the neighborhood at the elementary school next to the church property. However, the community project was planned for a Sunday morning, when we would be having our worship service. The church decided to move the service time earlier in the morning, before the project was to begin. And the church decided to continue having “church” outside as we participated in the building project. We could have kept church as usual that Sunday, but we would have missed an opportunity to be present in the community.

Church doesn’t have to be done the traditional way to be church. Church is the people of God responding to the Word of God. Church is offering praise and thanksgiving to God, whether we gather in a steeple church, a school cafeteria, or at a local park. Church can be big rock bands or quiet, contemplative singing. Church can happen at home, in a small group, or even in a playground! Church can happen wherever the people of God are present.

When it comes to church, think outside the stained glass and steeple. Our worship does not end at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. We are sent forth to go into the world and be the church wherever we go. We never know when God’s Spirit may be moving and we may be surprised at the places and times that “church” can happen. Remember, church can happen anywhere!

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