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Discovering the Miraculous

In her witness moment this past Sunday, Sharon said, “in searching for the spectacular, I overlooked the miraculous.” Sharon’s words came from a time when she was seeking a testimony of God in her life, only to find that her testimony and witness of God’s presence was all around her. Specifically, she sees the miraculous power of God present in the community of First UMC. This congregation’s witness of love, support, and hospitality opens the door for others to see God through us. While we may seek grand signs of God’s presence, like Moses’ burning bush, we often find God present in more subtle ways.

Paul tells us in Acts 17:28, “In God we live and move and have our being.” God is all around us, present with us and among those who call upon God’s name. God works through us to do the miraculous and do what is necessary in God’s perfect timing. Since I’ve been your pastor, I’ve seen God’s timing at work in so many ways. There have been several instances where I mentioned a person’s name or began typing an email and that person called me or walked into the church office! Sometimes, we need to just let go and let God work through us according to God’s plans.

To borrow from our District Superintendent, Pastor Gina, as we continue to study the Creeds of our faith, may we conduct ourselves as “living creeds.” We are living testimonies to God’s miraculous presence all around us. We don’t need to try to be spectacular, for when God is with us, God can work miracles in and through us.


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