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Empowered Women of God

Printed on May 12, 2019

Today we honor Mother’s Day and the strong women in our lives who helped raise and shape us. In the church, we have many “mothers”, biological and adopted, who have shaped our faith. Growing up, I never knew my grandparents. Yet through church, I was adopted into a big extended family that watched over me and cared for me. The women of the church especially made sure I was taken care of and had what I needed, including hugs and delicious desserts!

In scripture, women do not always have a prominent role. Even today, women can be overlooked or overshadowed. Yet there are times when brave women are used by God in spite of the sexism prevalent in those times. Judges 4 recounts the story of Deborah, the prophetess and judge of Israel. Due to her leadership and the actions of another woman, Jael, the Israelites are freed from their oppressors. God called them and they responded faithfully.

Throughout the history of the Christian Church, women have been called by God and used by God. Even as the church has had its own struggles with sexism, women have responded to God’s call and led our church to greater ministry and witness in spite of these challenges. Today, we honor and celebrate the work of faithful women around our world who have helped spread peace, hope and love. So, may we continue to follow God’s call and never hinder someone from living out their call because of their gender, race, or economic status. We are all called…God equips us all…and God will use us all if we allow the Spirit to move in our midst. Remember the saints who have helped shape you and honor their legacy by doing the same for others. God can use us all!

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