• Pastor Wil

Feeling Lonely

According to a recent study, only 50% of Americans claim to have meaningful in-person interactions on a daily basis and over 40% of Americans feel they don’t have any meaningful relationships. In a world of social media and world-wide communication, we’ve become a more isolated and lonely society. The sharing of the love and grace of Jesus Christ is sorely needed as we seek to form meaningful relationships with all our neighbors.

As I shared last Sunday, it’s the small actions we take that can go a long way. Sharing a smile or a simple “hello” can communicate to another person that we see them and honor their presence among us. Some people walk around feeling invisible or unwanted so our simple gestures can go a long way. We should also check up on our friends and loved ones often. I know that I often take my relationships for granted and lose touch with people who are special to my life. It’s important for our overall health and well-being to stay connected with others, for God created us to be in communion with the Lord and in community with one another.

So, our task is set before us. May we have the courage and strength to share small acts of kindness with others and develop more meaningful relationships in our daily lives. Remember, the stronger our connection to Jesus Christ, the stronger our relationships will be with one another.

Pastor Wil

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