• Pastor Wil

Get Off the Couch!

You ever sit down in a comfy couch or chair and feel so comfortable you never want to move again? At times, we’ve all gotten so comfortable, we’ve neglected to take on certain tasks or responsibilities we know we should. In our lives, we can get stuck in our ruts and fail to do what we know we should be doing. Well, with another new year, it’s time to focus on getting off the couch!

This year, we may have resolutions to do more. We want to be more active, or get more organized, or be more generous. Maybe we wish to grow in our faith by reading the Bible more regularly or participating in more mission and service projects. We can be better and do more. But first, we must have the drive and determination to get our butts off the couch and our bodies out of our comfort zones.

As we all know about ourselves, we are great at self-sabotage. Sin and temptation can derail us from living our lives the way God would want us to live and the way we know, deep down, we should be living. I hope you can join us next week as we begin a new sermon series focused on getting out of our ruts and seeking after the things that are beneficial and positive for our lives. On January 13, we will also be packing meals for Rise Against Hunger. It’s time we got out of our comfy chairs and started doing what God wants us to do. So, let’s get going this 2019 and start doing the things we know we should do while leaning on God to give us the strength and motivation to seek after righteousness. We can leave our disappointment and failure in 2018 and forge a new path to success in this new year. It’s never too late! Let God lead you to new and exciting possibilities for your life and for the church of Jesus Christ.

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