• Pastor Wil

In the Midst of the Storm

The past week has been filled with fear and anxiety for members of our church family. Surgeries, uneasy diagnoses, and illness have many of us praying constantly and anxiously awaiting good news…or at least better news. When we become so consumed by our anxiety, it can be hard to concentrate on our daily tasks and easy to find ourselves unaware of Christ’s presence among us. Sometimes, we even wonder if God has abandoned us at our lowest points.

Like the disciples in John 6, we can doubt the power of God to provide miracles and we can be blinded to Christ’s presence among us in the midst of the storm. We can doubt that some fish and bread can feed 5,000 people just as we might doubt God can help us overcome our challenges. And when the waves are crashing against us and our rowing becomes futile, we have trouble recognizing Jesus when He calls out to us from the sea. We doubt, we burn out, we give up. But Jesus never gives up on us nor does He ever forsake us!

What challenges do you face this week? Take time to recognize God’s presence among you in the midst of those challenges. Continue to go to the Lord in prayer and lean on the support of your church family. We may be surprised to see all the ways in which God is working miracles right in front of our eyes.

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