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Joseph's Story: Plot Twists

“Joseph’s master took him and threw him in jail, the place where the king’s prisoners were held. While he was in jail, the Lord was with Joseph and remained loyal to him.” Genesis 39:20-21

Joseph’s story is filled with plot twists! First, he’s the favored son of Jacob who is then attacked by his brothers and sold into slavery. Next, he’s the favored servant of Potiphar who is then falsely accused of assaulting his master’s wife and sent to jail. Not much seems to go Joseph’s way for very long. It seems like he keeps getting hit with trials and setbacks. Yet, we’re told that “the Lord was with Joseph and remained loyal to him.”

At the bottom of the pit or in the depths of the jail, I’m sure it may have been hard for Joseph to understand that God remained loyal to him. Likewise, we can be in situations where we are wondering, “Does God hate me?” or “Has God abandoned me?” Even when we are faithful, we can find our story filled with unexpected turns and trials. However, when we begin to recognize God’s greater plan in the midst of our story, we will begin to see how the trials and hardships are redeemed by God and lead us to something greater than we ever realized.

Joseph’s story is filled with challenges and difficult twists. Even when he acts honorably, he gets into trouble or others forget his good deeds (see Genesis 40:23). Yet, Joseph does not abandon his faith but leaves himself open to God’s ways and God’s plans. We may have plot twists and challenges to navigate. In those moments, may we remember the One who remains loyal to us. God will see us through!

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