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Miracles Everywhere: A Strong Foundation

It was a joy to have our children participate in our worship service this past week! They were so eager to serve and thrilled to participate. When we invite our children to be a part of the Christian faith and life, we build them up and provide a strong foundation for their growing faith.

As we begin a new stewardship campaign, we are taking time to celebrate the ministry of First UMC and the miracles, signs of God’s wonder-working power, happening all around us. Through the generous contributions of this church, we are able to provide a quality Christian education to our children and youth. This past Sunday, we presented three students with their very own Bible to read and study for years to come. We provide a space for our children and youth to learn the stories of faith and explore difficult questions of faith. And, as a family-oriented church, we are able to model the Christian life for our youngest disciples.

Our generosity to the church, through our gifts and service, allows us to “fund” and “invest” in miracles! Our generosity matters because our gifts have the power to shape and transform lives, like the lives of our children and youth. Through a contribution to the Miracles’ Everywhere campaign, we have a chance to invest in the lives of children and youth in Freehold and the state of New Jersey through NextGen Ministries ( And your contribution to our local church allows us to continue to shape and mold the faith of our children and youth. I invite you to prayerfully discern how you can help fund a miracle in 2019 and the years to come.

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