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Miracles Everywhere: An Invitation to Follow the Holy Spirit

A Hope Center being built in Tanzania

During a recent meeting of our Bible Study, members of the group spoke to the movement of the Holy Spirit during our worship services. Have you felt the Spirit’s touch when Joyful Noise leads us in singing? Have you felt the Lord nudging you when in prayer or during the sermon? Have you felt the Spirit moving in this place when the choir passionately shares their gift of music with us? Each Sunday in worship, we have an appointment with the Holy Spirit.

I thank God for the generosity of this congregation that enables anyone to come through our doors and encounter the Living God anew. Lives are changed, refocused, and inspired through our worship. Many leave our worship ready to tackle a new week with eyes open to the presence of God around them. And, when we are aware of God’s presence, our eyes are more open to see God’s miracles at work around us.

Our generosity to the church, through our gifts and service, allows us to “fund” and “invest” in miracles! Our generosity matters because our gifts have the power to shape and transform lives, like the lives of those who gather to worship on Sunday morning. Through a contribution to the Miracles’ Everywhere campaign(, we have a chance to expand the impact of the local church, like the formation of Hope Centers that seek to serve our communities in holistic ways. The Holy Spirit is present in our worship while also present in our service and witness to the community. As you discern how God is leading you to be generous in 2019, remember the impact we can have as a church not only on Sunday but every day of the week.

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