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Miracles Everywhere: Investing in Our Ministry Together

Have you ever taken a look at our church budget? It’s a rather dry exercise. In our budget are line items for utility bills, office supplies, and insurance. They are all very important line items, but they don’t begin to convey the exciting ministry we have here at First UMC. It’s all a matter of perspective.

When we give to the church, we aren’t just funding the electric bill or buying the paper for this bulletin insert. Our gifts enable people in worship to encounter God in new and inspiring ways. Our gifts lead a child to learn a new Bible story and grow in their understanding of faith. Our gifts inspire us to engage more deeply in our faith through small groups and hands-on mission opportunities. And our gifts inspire and change lives as we meet the needs of others through our outreach efforts.

As we prayerfully discern our 2019 financial commitment to the ministries of First UMC, may we see beyond the limits of a line item budget and see the opportunity and possibility for God to mold and transform lives. Through the generosity of so many faithful saints over so many years, First UMC has been molding lives for Jesus Christ. We are invited to continue this great legacy and continue to go where God is leading us.

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