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Miracles Everywhere: Time to Share

This past Sunday was a great celebration for our church! We had a wonderful outpouring of generosity from our congregation in pledging to fund miracles in our community, our annual conference, and in ministries around the world. As we celebrate this harvest season and offer thanksgiving to God for the blessings we’ve received this year, we are reminded of the power of sharing.

When God blesses us, we are called to share. Some of us are familiar with the concept of tithing, the biblical practice of giving our first “fruits” to God. For some, this means giving 10% of one’s income to the church. But we are blessed in even more ways! When God works in our lives, we are also called to share our stories. This Sunday, we have three members of our church sharing their stories of how God has been working and moving in their lives through the ministries of First UMC. Our stories are more rich and inspirational than we might believe. Our stories have the power to inspire others’ faith and walk with God.

How have we been blessed this year? What is God calling us to share in this harvest season? Don’t be afraid to share. We never know how our sharing might lead another to a powerful encounter with God’s grace and love.

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