• Pastor Wil

New Creation, New Satisfaction

Let’s admit it: We all have issues! And our individual issues can complicate the relationships we have with God, ourselves and other people. Thankfully, God works hard to help us overcome our issues so we can form right relationships in our lives. And one of the things God offers to us is forgiveness. God’s forgiveness takes what is messed up and wrong and offers us new chances and reconciliation.

We must be aware that there are obstacles to forgiveness: anger and fear. First, our anger can cause us to lose control. Unfortunately, anger is a typical response when we are hurt. We find our anger to be easier than working through the sadness or fear we try to mask. Second, our fear causes us to hold onto the resentment that keeps us from moving on to healing. We fear getting hurt again or we fear losing our “ammunition” against another person. We must overcome our fear and anger so we can accept God’s forgiveness and find healing and happiness again.

We may understand God’s forgiveness, but we can still struggle to accept it. Sometimes we feel unworthy, but we must remember that God loves us no matter what and God seeks to make us into a new creation. Yes, we have issues. But God can work in our lives and through our relationships to teach us new ways and give us a new spirit of love and compassion. It takes a lot of work but, with God’s help, we can cultivate good relationships that lead us to lasting happiness!

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