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“No-Thing Will Make Us Happy”

Last week, we begrudgingly explored the wisdom found in the book of Ecclesiastes. While the book has some depressing observations (“all is vanity”; “there’s nothing new under the sun”), it’s only depressing if we do not heed its warnings. Many of us are working hard to find satisfaction, but we must remember where true satisfaction and happiness is found. Yes, we can find joy in our work, our possessions, and our pleasure seeking. But no-thing can truly make us happy.

Matt Miofsky, author of Happy? What it is and where to find it, draws out the wisdom to be gained from Ecclesiastes. True happiness and satisfaction is found through relationships (“two are better than one”). At the end of our lives, we will not regret the meetings or shifts of work we missed. We will not regret missing out on the latest gadget that is now obsolete. However, we will regret the relationships we failed to cultivate or the time missed with our family and friends.

So, we must make our relationships a priority over work, pleasure, and “stuff”. We must focus on the three main relationships: relationship with God, relationship with ourselves, and relationship with others. This week, we will explore how to better cultivate good relationships. Relationships are complicated and messy, yet so important to our state of well-being! No-thing will make us happy, but good relationships will lead us to lasting happiness.

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