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“The crooked will be made straight and the rough places made smooth. All humanity will see God’s salvation.” Luke 3:5b-6

As a child, I enjoyed playing with Play-Doh. It was relaxing to take a lump of the colored clay and mold different figures and shapes. I always enjoyed smoothing out the rough edges and gaps to create a smooth layer of clay. Play-Doh can take a beating and get bent out of its current shape. However, the one who molds the clay has the ability to repair and improve the shape of the messy Play-Doh.

During the holidays, we often see or hear the word, “peace.” However, it seems we rarely find much peace in the days and weeks leading up to our Christmas celebrations. The unexpected or unplanned can throw a wrench in our carefully crafted plans and add chaos to our situation. Anyone who has had to deal with loss, tragedy, or health problems around Christmas can tell you how such unexpected circumstances can ruin our perfect holiday plans.

Peace comes to us from God in the midst of our pain and chaos. The first Christmas was far from perfect! A crowded inn, a smelly stable, and no crib! In spite of the mess and imperfections, God’s peace and presence were experienced in a mighty way. And so it is with us. The peace we have at Christmas is the understanding that God is always with us. God is there to walk with us through any challenges we may face. The reality is things will not always go our way. Sometimes we will have rough edges or tears in our clay. But God’s peace will always be there for us as God smooths out our rough edges and heals our brokenness. Ultimately, we have peace in knowing that God is truly with us.

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