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Remember Your Baptism

“Remember your baptism and be thankful.”

This Sunday, we remember the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and take time to remember our own baptism in Jesus’ name. Most of us have been baptized (and if you are reading this right now and have not been baptized, please contact Pastor Wil!). Perhaps we were old enough to remember it or perhaps we have no memory of our baptism. No matter what we remember or don’t remember, we remember our baptism by claiming the truth of our baptism: that we are children of God, grace-filled and committed to following God’s call for our lives.

If you were too young to remember your baptism, you most likely went through the confirmation process. Through baptism and confirmation, we commit to follow Jesus Christ, to act and live more like Christ, and to care for one another (as best we can with God’s help!). Baptism doesn’t make us perfect. And we don’t need to be re-baptized every time we make a mistake. Baptism is a covenant and promise that God will always love us, cleanse us of our sins and grow something new and holy within us. So, to remember our baptism means taking the time to grow in our relationship with God, to confess of our sins, and work to live more like Jesus.

As we enter a new year, may we recommit to our baptism promises and grow to be more like Jesus. It’s not easy. We need constant reminders and redirections. Thankfully, the waters of baptism are all around us. When we wash our hands, get caught in the rain, or splashed in the swimming pool, we can remember the water of our baptism and recommit ourselves to God’s call for our life. Perhaps the next day you forget your raincoat or umbrella is the day you’re in need of a reminder. Do not fret! Remember your baptism and be thankful!

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