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RSVP to the Holy Spirit

When I was growing up, my family would attend the Aldersgate Conference, a Methodist Holy Spirit focused event. It was held each summer in a different city across the country. Since I was a child, I attended the children’s portion of the event. We worshiped together, heard speakers share inspirational messages, and participated in fun activities. One year, we were taught and inspired to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. This was the first time I was aware I had to actually open myself up to the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. My focus that summer was largely directed towards my Gameboy and Pokémon! But, the conference inspired me to learn more about the Spirit and invite the Spirit into my life. I ended up receiving a certificate to commemorate the moment.

Each day offers us an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. Even though I have my Holy Spirit certificate, each day I have to renew my focus on the Lord. There are so many voices fighting for our attention that make it difficult to hear the voice of God. We need to intentionally find time to listen through prayer, worship, Bible study, and works of compassion. We have to be open to the Spirit and invite the Spirit in. Be warned: the Spirit will call us and lead us out of our comfort zones! However, the Spirit shall equip us and give us the strength to go where God is calling us. Do not fear, the Holy Spirit is with us!

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