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Stop Being Passive: Be Peaceful

Many of us strongly dislike conflict. We don’t like to rock the boat or unsettle others. And we dislike when others do not like us or have a problem with us. It stresses us out and dampens our spirits. So, we do everything we can to avoid conflict in the hopes that we will only find peace. How has that strategy worked for you?

It’s impossible to avoid conflict. And avoiding conflict does not create peace. In fact, it may create more stress and turmoil. Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace requires action and resolution as we seek harmony in our lives. Harmony comes through engagement, so we cannot avoid doing this difficult, but fruitful, work.

In Philippians, Paul urges us to place our cares and concerns with the Lord and “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (4:7).” In our quest for harmony, we must address our concerns and surrender them to God. We cannot avoid our problems but we can give them up to the Lord. If we can let go, we can find peace in any situation.

Paul also encourages us to emulate Jesus in our quest for peace. This is also difficult work. However, we must place our trust in God’s ways and allow Christ’s teachings to change our attitudes and behaviors. As we actively follow Jesus, the peace of God will be with us. When we live and act in loving and compassionate ways, we are better equipped to handle conflict and stress. As we work to live together with one another, we will find greater peace and harmony. But we must work on it. So, stop being passive. Stop avoiding life’s problems and conflicts. In troubling times, turn to the Lord and trust in the ways of Christ. He promises that we will find peace through him. May the peace of Christ be with you. Amen.

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