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This is My Story

Lukas Kusters was a 10 year old boy who passed away from cancer this past year. He was a football player, nicknamed the Dutch Destroyer, and an avid fan of Carson Wentz, NFL quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Lukas was able to meet his hero. Two weeks after their visit, he would end his battle against childhood cancer.

It’s a tragedy for any family that has to deal with childhood cancer. Some may not wish to share about their loss or share signs of hope found in the midst of suffering. However, the Kusters decided to share the story of Lukas with ESPN. Lukas’ story went viral and caught the attention of the Sieracki family. Their son, Max, was dealing with an unknown illness. When they heard the story of Lukas, they realized their son had similar symptoms. This led them to have Max checked by doctors. Max was diagnosed with leukemia. Thanks to intensive and grueling medical treatment, Max’s cancer is in remission.

This summer, the Sierackis had a chance to meet up with the Kuster family and introduce them to the boy they saved because of Lukas’ story. We never fully know the impact our stories may have on someone else. Last week, we shared the story of Jesus, a story that has impacted so many lives. As the body of Christ, He can use our stories to impact others’ lives by offering hope, encouragement, and a path to new life. So, do you have a story to share? Don’t hold back! You may underestimate the ways in which God can use your story to change lives.

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