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Walking with Jesus

“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him” (Luke 24:31)

Many times in our lives, we can look back on situations and seasons and recognize God’s hand and presence where we didn’t see it before. I remember the time before I went off to serve in Fargo, ND as a young adult missionary. I had no idea what God had planned for my life. But now I look back and see how God prepared a path for me. God placed me in the right places, with the right people and the right circumstances to help shape me into the person and pastor I am today.

Perhaps we look back at a time of struggle or difficult discernment. We weren’t sure of the path forward. Yet, God was with us and leading us to the right places or to the right people. And when we finally see the whole path and how it led us to our current place, we see more clearly where God was with us all along. So, whatever path we find ourselves on today, let us seek to find God’s presence in this very moment.

The disciples who walked to Emmaus were distraught with the recent death of Jesus and perplexed by eyewitness accounts to Jesus’ resurrection. They were distracted from seeing Jesus right there in their midst. Yet, once they gathered to commune with Jesus, their eyes were opened to His presence! And they remembered how their hearts had been on fire when they spoke with Him. So, wherever we find ourselves walking with whatever it is that is drawing our focus or attention…our stress or our anxiety…know that God is walking with you.

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