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Who is in Your Boat?

“Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” Mark 4:41b

In 1986, archeologists discovered an old fishing boat in the Sea of Galilee. It was found to be a boat from the time of Jesus! If you get a chance to find a photo of the “Jesus Boat”, you’ll notice that it’s not very large. So, when Jesus and the disciples found themselves in the middle of a storm, they were in big trouble! The waves crashed against the boat and they were swamped with water. Thankfully, the disciples had Jesus on their boat.

Scripture tells us that Jesus woke up and “rebuked the wind” and told the seas to “be still”. Immediately, the storm was calmed and the disciples were saved. Like the disciples, we can find ourselves thrown into storms we did not see coming. In those moments when fear crashes over us, we can panic. When we are afraid, we must go to Jesus. We may not have the power to control storms, but we serve a God who is in control and who is willing to ride with us. So, have we made room for Jesus in our boat?

When we hit stormy seasons, we must also make room for others in our boat. We should never try to face obstacles and challenges alone. God has blessed us with the gift of Christian fellowship. Here at FUMC, we have a loving and caring church family who will journey with anyone. So, when you find yourself miles off shore in the middle of a storm, look to those around you for support, and make sure you’ve made room for Jesus on your boat. He’s the one who can calm our storms and bring us peace.

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